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Action | Thriller

AltText1h 28min

Denise Richards. Dolph Lundgren.


A female FBI agent is offered millions to help a thief escape from a hijacked airplane.


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"Altitude was a well paced 88 minutes. Borrowing some of the “Die Hard on a plane” elements from Air Force One and pairing those with known action movie commodities like Denise Richards and Dolph Lundgren was a winning formula. Throw in the strong performances from Greer Grammer and Kirk Barker and Altitude proved to be an enjoyable movie watching experience with little turbulence..."

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Tyler W. Konney
Jesse Mittelstadt
Richard Switzer


Alexander Ferguson
Jason Cherubini
Leslie Cimino
Jonathan DelPonte
David Gere
Mickey Gooch Jr.
Joanna Koss
Chad Law
Richard Switzer

Producers [cont.]

David Allen
Jeff Berry
Michael Bien
James Cullen Bressack
Rj Burne
Brandon Burrows
Alvaro Duque
Brennan Dyson
Milan Friedrich
Phillip B. Goldfine
Neville Headley
Hans Hernke
Carlos A. Herzer

Curt Howe
Erik Johnson
Tyler W. Konney
John Landolfi
Alex Lebovici
Jordan Yale Levine
Jonathan Lipnicki
Michael Maccini
James Macmillan
Timothy Marlowe
Daniel S. McCoy
Chad Oliver
Jason Owolabi

Courtney Lauren Penn
Ryan King Persaud
Steve Ponce
Nick Reed
Joel Paul Reisig
Benjamin Sacks
Jared Safier
Mike Santoro
George Saunders
Dennis Switzer
John Sword
Randy Wayne

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