Award Winning Author V. Lakshman's

MythbornFate of the Sovereign Series

Book 1Rise Of The Adepts (2nd Edition)

After two centuries Edyn is once again threatened by demons. The warrior-monk Silbane and his apprentice Arek are ordered to investigate a gate which has opened under the ancient stronghold of Bara’cor.

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Book 3Ascension

Continuing the award-winning saga Mythborn 3 follows Silbane, Kisan, Ash, and Yetteje as they journey through the demon realm of Lilyth. Silbane uses his gift of dragonsight, hoping to find his apprentice before it's too late.

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Book 5Genesis

Arcadia is no more, destroyed by Arek’s dark gift. As the world around him collapses, he and his companions must find a way to escape the dying realm and return to Edyn.

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